Write On


Have you heard about Write_on? It was started in 2014 by a couple of letterpress companies and joined by Sakura USA, an excellent maker of art supplies(like the koi watercolors I mentioned last time). You can click over there for the full story, but basically everyone who takes part writes a letter a day for the month of April. So far I’ve managed to stick with it, and I even got my son to send a letter to my mother after he saw me writing. The kids are curious who I’m writing to and what I’m writing about, plus they love putting the letters in the mailbox and raising the flag. I used to be an avid letter writer, sharing stories, collages, and mix tapes with friends across the country and the world. Some of those friends I’ve lost touch with in the shuffle of adult life, so I’ve done a bit of Google stalking to find addresses for them to send them letters and let them know I still think of them often. Who would you write to in a month of letters?  



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