One Hundred Bunnies

Today is my middle daughter’s 100th day of kindergarten. Of course we had plenty of notice about their 100th day celebration, to which each child brings a collection of 100 objects, but didn’t get started on hers until last night. Project 100 bunnies(origami ones, that is). Thankfully I stockpile pretty paper every time I visit Daiso, and I know the steps of an origami bunny by heart. Double good fortune: my second-grader decided to lend a hand and learned how to make them too! 

 Where we left off last night… 

 This is what 88 bunnies looks like 

 Folding bunny 100!

I made a little photo tutorial if you would like to make some bunnies too. Easter is right around the corner, after all!

Step 1: fold to make a triangle and unfold, repeat to make two diagonal folds   


Step 2

Fold in half to make a rectangle, unfold and repeat to make two more creases 



Step 3 is a bit fiddly- the photos explain better than words, but start with folding a triangle, and pinching where all the creases meet in the center, then fold that into a double-layered triangle. 


Step 4- fold the point of one layer up to meet the center point of the triangle, and repeat 

Step 5 I’ll let the photos speak!   

 Step 6: Use these folds to make little pockets- observe 


Step 7: Flip over and observe 




2 thoughts on “One Hundred Bunnies

    1. Thank you for the comment! My kids’ school does start a bit later in the fall- which means I should have started making bunnies when I saw my friends’ 100 day projects popping up on FB a week or two ago! 🙂


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